Review of Ogra facial cleanser #skincare

Hi all, it's nearly the weekend thank God...this week has dragged!

I'm back with a beauty post. I was lucky enough to receive this Ogra Facial Cleanser at an ITWBN event. I love that it's Irish and made of peat (what's more Irish then that!)

 "Ógra harnesses the natural power of peat by using this nutrient rich formula to fight aging at a cellular level" 

Ogra facial cleanser

So...what did I think? I found this to be quiet light, natural and gentle on the skin. It is pretty much odourless. It says to "apply in circular motions and remove with damp cotton pad". I do it slightly differently, I apply in shower each morning and rinse off and this works just as well for me. One pump is enough per use.

A pump is enough!

This has lasted a really long time which is a big plus for me. I really like it (I'm still using it now!) and I would get it again and I really want to check out the rest of the range too!

Check out the website for all the products available. 

That's all from me for now...#tginf...get it!

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