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Magstyle - a catch-up

Hello Magstyle followers☺

Just a little catch-up blog on Magstyle, where to next and why I have been a bit quiet!
I have not blogged in a while but I have been active on and off on the social media platforms.

I started this page as a fun project to tap into my creative side and my love for fashion and beauty. As a bonus I joined a few groups and made some friends along the way. 

I have grown organically and have remained a relatively small blog /fish in a big pond but I don't mind as I enjoy it. If I find a style I love or a beauty product be it save/splurge or if I come across something fun I will share's good to share!

I have been quiet of late – pretty much for the past year. A lot has changed for the better...and the worse with special people coming into my life and unfortunately the loss of someone special (I have touched on this before in a previous blog).

I think when these things happen - you do have to take stock and enjoy life. You may not be as worried about getti…

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