Magstyle - a catch-up

Hello Magstyle followers☺

Just a little catch-up blog on Magstyle, where to next and why I have been a bit quiet!
I have not blogged in a while but I have been active on and off on the social media platforms.

I started this page as a fun project to tap into my creative side and my love for fashion and beauty. As a bonus I joined a few groups and made some friends along the way. 

I have grown organically and have remained a relatively small blog /fish in a big pond but I don't mind as I enjoy it. If I find a style I love or a beauty product be it save/splurge or if I come across something fun I will share's good to share!

I have been quiet of late – pretty much for the past year. A lot has changed for the better...and the worse with special people coming into my life and unfortunately the loss of someone special (I have touched on this before in a previous blog).

I think when these things happen - you do have to take stock and enjoy life. You may not be as worried about getting the perfect photo or wearing the perfect outfit or saying or doing the perfect thing but it is more so about enjoying the moment – philosophical I know!  I do still love being creative and having a little corner of the internet (insta especially) but I guess sometimes you just want to soak up the here and now with the people that matter.

Don't get me wrong you will have good days and not so good days. You will inevitably still sweat the small stuff (after all we are still only human!) but sometimes you do need to step back and look at the bigger picture, take your foot of the pedal and relax. 

Sooo...where to next for Magstyle? I want to keep it going as it began, as a fun outlet to share style, beauty, beautiful places and life in general be it on the blog itself or on the other platforms - that’s what life should be about – fun! 

Live, laugh and love❤

So that’s it in a nutshell and all from me for now...until next time😗


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