Clarins Double Serum Review #skincare

Hi everyone...I'm back with a skincare post! 

These always take a  while as you want to get good use out of the product before sharing your thoughts. Well this product is now nearly gone (sniff!) so I have done the best research!! 

I was generously gifted a Debenhams voucher at an ITWBN event and I thought long and hard as to what to buy...clothes,accessories,there is alot to choose from!

I settled on skincare as I had heard alot about Clarins Double Serum. An avid user of their Beauty Flash Balm I was expecting great things! 

Clarins double serum

Serums are pretty popular right now and aren't a moisturiser per se but absorb excellently into your skin and target specific concerns such as aging which lets face it (excuse the pun) is a big concern! They also make everything else easier to absorb into your skin so it intended that you use a moisturiser after the serum.

They don't come cheap either but that is down to the ingredients used.

Thats why when making a purchase such as this I always think vouchers are great. I use vouchers I get for Birthdays/Christmas to get skincare alot.

It is described and the science bit is here too: Inspired by Clarins plant science and powered by 20 anti-ageing pure plant extracts, Double Serum's innovative, two-phase system targets all aspects of skin ageing in one complete concentrate.
(Source: Debenhams website)

The girls were very helpful on the counter and my sister who had used it also has tips on how to use and what size to go for. I went for the 50ml as I had the voucher. It's cost as I write this now is €90...I think I got it for just under that at time I purchased (either way the voucher helped!). I also have had this months,no does last so it is value for money! 

Now the next bit how do you use it and what do I think of it...?

I use it at night time. I cleanse,tone,put some eye-cream on and then the serum (a small pump only) and finish off with a night cream.  It smells and feels divine on the skin and I then let it work its's magic as I sleep!

I do notice a difference since starting to use this and really like the look of my skin in the morning. I especially hate the lines that appear between my nose and lips and this definitely combats goes a no make-up no filter selfie (eeks!):

I am happy to say this product did not disappoint and the only thing I am disappointed with is that the bottle is coming to an end! Will I re-purchase...most definitely yes but it will most likely be when I have a voucher again (roll on Christmas ...did I just say that?!). 

I also look out for deals Clarins do as you do get value for money that way too. It is a big outgoing but a worthy investment thats for sure!

Thanks to ITWBN and Debenhams for helping with this investment!!

Bye for now and have a great weekend! 

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