Beauty Bit! A treat for hands and feet :-)

I did a small bit on this a while back on my facebook page but I thought why not do a full blog on it! I try to be religious with all my regimes but I can get a bit lazy at times so I don't always use hand-cream/cuticle oil everyday. However this is as important as the creams you use on your face. If you try to prevent aging on your face but not your hands...they're going to be a dead giveaway!! So when I am being good...these are the products I use: 

This one from Clarins is really good and is a treatment for both hands and nails so it works on the double. Its great for keeping hands soft and dry-skin free and it strengthens nails. (Available in Pharmacies and Beauty Departments)

Cuticle oil/Coconut oil:
As you know from my Treat Yourself Blog I get my nails done every 2/3 weeks but to ensure nails look at their best you should definitely look after those cuticles. A good cuticle oil (like this none from Boots - should be applied to cuticles, I apply it to the cuticle and under the tip of the nail also for added benefit. Coconut oil is also good for cuticles and can be applied the same way (check out for more coconut oil benefits).

Nail treatment:
Even though I almost always have a colour on my nails - I find it good to put a treatment on your nails every so often (colour or not), I also put this under the my nail tip.This one 4 in 1 from Sally Hansen ( It is a Base-coat, strengthener, growth treatment and top-coat and is available in Pharmacies.

I have been told taking a break isn't always a benefit when getting nails done as they don't technically "breath" and comparing when I didn't get my nails done to now...I don't see a real fact with this regime(as long as I stick to it)and ensuring the nail colour is removed properly I think they're better! 

I have also purchased L'Occtaine cooling gel for the summer months...I find its good for when hands can get clammy in the hot weather...(when there is hot weather!!) Mmm...holidays are calling don't you think?! 

Talking of holidays/hot weather...feet are exposed and need to be flip-flop ready!
For dry skin and indeed even for tired feet after a long day - I found this product from Palmers which is really good. 
For added benefit they advise to apply at night, then cover with cotton socks for a feet treat while you sleep! I bought this in Penneys.  
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