Nía Shower Mousse Review♡

Do you ever have one of those weeks...well this was mine and I needed a treat...not just a treat but a little bit of luxury (I don't ask for much lol).

Well I reached for my Nía Shower Mousse after a long walk to clear the head and it was just what I needed! I was lucky enough to receive this at the Into The West Blogger Network at the start of this month (read all about that here!) 

NÌA Shower Mousse

It smelt lovely, looked lovely and felt lovely on the skin. My skin felt great afterwards too. I have used it every evening this week and I think I maybe addicted! 

The Mousse...smells divine!!!

Have you tried any of the Nía Products? They use all natural ingredients so they are great for sensitive skin.

In this product for example they use coconut oil and honey - a fabulous combination!

They are 100% Irish and made in Limerick. Check out their website for more information and you can purchase products there too. I will definitely be checking out the skincare range!!

Bye for now (and thank God it's nearly the weekend!)xxx


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