Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze and 1 Hour Tan Review♡

Hi all,

Here is my review of Gentle bronze and 1 Hour Tan from Cocoa Brown. Both get a big thumbs up from me!

Gentle Bronze: You put it on like a moisturizer after a shower (wash hands after use) and this is also suitable for your face. (do a patch test of skin 24 hours before use).

It gradually builds to a lovely natural looking tan. When it's a success on the legs I know I've found a good one! I have an issue tanning my legs real or fake!

I shared this as part of a set I bought from Simply Foxy a while back on my social media pages, along with the 1 hour Tan and Tough Stuff Scrub - see a review of Tough Stuff here.

Cocoa Brown - Gentle Bronze

1 Hour Tan: This is also a winner for me. Exfoliate and moisturize in advance and apply with tanning mitt all over - leave it on for as dark as you want it to be - 1 hour - light/ 2 hours - medium / 3 hours - dark. Basically the longer you leave it, the darker it will become and then you shower it off (do not use shower gel or exfoliate). I love a tan but as I am pale it is good to be able to control how dark I become!

I used this for the Galway Races...(one of my favourite times of year and feels like only yesterday, where is the time going!)... and I really loved the natural glow. It lasted well and faded well also.

Cocoa Brown - 1 Hour Tan

Galway Races ready with Cocoa Brown!

I am looking forward to trying out the new products - have you seen them? I have loved all the products I have tried so far, so I am really looking forward to trying these. 

New Products from Cocoa Brown!

Have you tried any of the Cocoa Brown products? They are available in Penneys, Tesco and Pharmacies nationwide and are really great value for money and the packaging is so pretty - who doesn't love pink!?

Bye for now and Happy Tanning!! xxx


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