My first blog of the year and an introduction to Francesca!

Hi all,

I've been quiet I know! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I know we are nearly a month in but I am still wondering what I am at?!

I looked back over my posts and I have a few apologies for delays in posting or lack thereof. It can be hard at times to keep life and the blog going but I do try and rejuvenate the creative flow sometimes and it's good to take a bit of time out to enable that. Did you see that post online "Forget about January February is my New Year..."I feel thats me!

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I never like to rush posts or put one up for the sake of it. My blog is small but I know those that follow it enjoy reading it so I want the content to be enjoyable. It's fun, a past-time and escapism from the day to day for me so I hope that I give that to my readers too!

Anyways back to the post today, I have been meaning to share my new bag with you all for a while...I got it for Christmas and it has been on my wish list for a while!!

The Classic Q needs it's own chair!

It's the Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Francesca...I have a bit of an obsession with Marc Jacobs so I am delighted I was able to add this to the collection! It was bought in Brown Thomas. I checked their latest collection and you can find a link to a similar bag currently in stock here (it's the New Q Fran!).

This was my go to bag over Christmas and now for work and weekends too!!

Here are the two ways you can wear this beauty:

Ways to wear
Below is one way I styled it over Christmas that still works post holidays too. 

I went by the photo below and got similar items or used similar items I already had. In fact in the end it was only the blouse and bag that were new!

I got the top in Penneys and as far as I know they don't have them anymore. 

However with a black ribbon and a white blouse that can be easily sourced on the high street this can be recreated and is very Chanelesque! I used a black pair of jeans,shoes, gold watch and earrings that I already had. 

Styling the bag!

I love's great for styling!

This bag goes with pretty much everything and works from day to night without being too bulky...I think my other bags are getting jealous!

Anyways a fun post to start off the year and I will try and be a bit more frequent! Do check out the Facebook/ Instagram and Twitter for daily Magstylisms... especially my love for Fridays,ha ha.

Bye for nowxxx


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