What Magstyle has been up to!

For anyone who checks in on Magstyle I have been a bit quiet on the blog (apologies!) but I have been trying to keep active on my Facebook/Twitter/Instagram as best I can. 

The reason is that I took a little break in Villamoura, Portugal...it was lovely and relaxing!

While I was away I found out I had won an award at work for charity work undertaken for GAP (Galway Autism Partnership)...I couldn't believe it...in fact I think I am still on a high from it!

I got involved as my nephew and godson, Daniel has Autism and my sister and husband are involved in the charity. We all try and help out as much as possible as every penney counts!
Money was donated to GAP which we are so grateful for and there was a night to mark it in the Westbury. 

It was a very enjoyable time as everyone was so lovely in congratulating me and so happy for GAP. I hope to officially hand over the cheque shortly which will make me very proud! 

It's back to reality now after all that but I had a treat mid-week as I accompanied my friend to Arnotts for a showcase of their looks for the season and they promoted their Wondercard. You can collect and spend wonder points anytime, anywhere and on anything in store or online@www.arnotts.ie. Check out www.arnotts.ie/wondercard for more details.

I also had a lovely trip to the Cinema to see Magic in the Moonlight. It's eccentric,stylish and well done...it's Woody Allen after all!! You should check it out!

I have to pack tonight for my friends wedding at the weekend...very excited!!

I am keeping the lovely coral colour I got last week at Mudpie Beauty Boutique for the occasion.

I have borrowed a fabulous Closet dress from my sister. I can then condone getting the hair and make-up done...see my treat yourself blog for previous looks!

I just have to sort my accessories and I'm set. I will share my ootd wedding style on my pages on the day! 

Okay thats me for now...enjoy your weekend and I'll be back soon! xxx


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