A blog about Christmas Presents, Bags and Siopaella...(I love them all!)

I am thinking of Christmas presents again - you can't but think of the upcoming festive season at this stage!
I keep seeing how many days and weeks that are left all over the place!!

I started my shopping around this time last year. I had seen a fabulous Dior bag on the Siopaella Facebook Page . I knew my sister Shel would love it as she loves anything Dior related and thankfully they still had it when I went to buy it!

Dior Bag

I wrapped it up in the Siopaella shopping bag before wrapping it with Christmas paper. I knew she wouldn't have a chance to get to Dublin and visit the shop before Christmas and she'd be so excited when she saw the Siopaella bag to know her present was from there!

We weren't in the same place for Christmas so we called each other Christmas Morning and opened our presents at the same time. When I opened mine it was wrapped up in tissue paper...with a Siopaella sticker on it!

She had bought me a bag from there too and had it posted down Galway. It was a lovely brown Mulberry one!!

Mulberry Bag

What were the chances...there were two very happy big kids that Christmas morning!

I have mentioned the wonderful Siopaella on my blog before check out the Galaxy Style Event piece...it was my first blog entry in May!

It is a Thrift/Consignment Store based in the Temple Bar area of Dublin. There is a shop for High Street attire and one for Designer and they have just recently opened a new store on Temple Lane South. It is close to their other stores so why not check them all out together...Congrats Siopaella!! 

There are some fabulous pieces...I love everything I see but it can be sold in record time if you're not quick!

I have also purchased a fabulous leopard print faux fur jacket from there that I love. I had been on the lookout for a while and when I was having look on facebook one day there it was on their page, styled up so well. It's safe to say I fell in love!

Photo from Siopaella Facebook Page - styled by Siopaella

I wasn't the only one interested so I purchased it straight away and then went in to collect it. It's that simple and all the staff are so lovely and helpful too!

It was one of the first things I styled up on my Facebook Page:

Jacket all styled up!

I am really overdue a visit but you can see new additions on their facebook /twitter and Instagram page: 

Also keep an eye out for their new website coming soon!!

Happy shopping to you all ...(for yourself or for others!)

Bye for nowxxx


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