Shopping trip to Born!

As you will have seen on my Facebook/Instagram/Twitter I was lucky enough to win a €100 voucher for Born at the ITWBN meet -up in November (read all about it here if you haven't already!)

I went on Saturday with a plan of picking out a Christmas outfit and was greeted by fabulous Christmas windows and lots of choice!

I decided to try on a black and gold number, a houndstooth skirt, a floral skirt, a monochrome skirt and a floral dress with hints of Christmas red!

I was torn, I loved them all - it just goes to show the level of choice available in Born! On my facebook page there was a vote for the floral skirt and and houndstooth skirt.

My final choice was...

The floral dress and monochrome skirt!! (I went for two items as it was hard enough to choose and I just had to put a bit extra with the voucher - great value for two lovely items).

I was sold on the skirt when the lovely Debbie in Born said it was Chanel like...I love Chanel plus its from Girls On Film and has an Audrey Hepburn vibe so I really had to have it!!!

The dress is from Closet. It fitted well and suited my figure (I'm not sure the photo does it enough justice). The belt that came with it had lovely little details and the hint of red added a festive vibe so that clinched it for me.

As I mentioned above it was hard to choose. I was told afterwards that Dior was the first designer to dress women in houndstooth and I did really like that skirt. The black and gold dress had a Christmas vibe also and the floral skirt is something that could be styled for both summer and I write this I want to go back for them!

Overall I am happy with my choices and I look forward to styling and wearing them over the festive season!

There is a great selection in Born this Christmas for all outfit needs so check it out!!

Bye for now and Happy Shopping!xxx


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