The Irish Bloggers Conference #IBC at the Spencer Hotel

If you had told me this time last year that I'd be at a Blogger Conference I probably wouldn't have believed you...but yesterday I attended my very first one in the lovely Spencer Hotel and it was great! In my bio I say I am on a learning curve and it truly is. To hear all the speakers talking about their blogging journeys was an inspiration.

The Panel

Joanne Larby was up first and told us about the creation of The Make-Up Fairy. The work she puts in is amazing. She started out in Montessori and initially she kept working in that while doing her make-up, modelling work and blogging. She was (and still is) working 7 days. She is very hands on with her business. She replies back to every comment personally and is really dedicated. It was a very motivational start to the day!

Joanne Larby

Nick Munier spoke about food reviews and blogging. He's opening his new restaurant in February and right now he is working on The with Restaurant Marketeer Keith Mahon. It is a new online food magazine that is growing in popularity. 

Keith also spoke about his personal experience and blogging journey. He left his job to follow his passion which is admirable as that takes courage but he said the challenge pushes you to make it a success.

Nick Munier

Keith Mahon

Caroline Hennessey of also spoke about food blogging. She looks at blogging as telling your story and advised to always be consistent and to put yourself out there. 

Caroline Hennessey

Media pro Conor Lynch from Social shared his tips on blogging for business. He asked did people want to change the world, make money, go to parties or win awards with their blogs - maybe it's all of the above. I think making money had the edge but to be recognised with an award for your blog was also important to people. There would definitely be a sense of achievement that would come with that acknowledgement.

Leanne Woodfull gave great advice about staying true to yourself. She said she was nervous at public speaking but I found her great. With 5 years of blogging under her belt,she knows her stuff. She also spent some time in the UK.
She took this selfie of her and I together, I got some selfie taking tips too!

Selfie! With the lovely Leanne Woodfull

Cherry Sue has a beauty /lifestyle blog. She blogs about her everday life with her two teenage sons. She has a great outlook on life, "life with a cherry on top" as per her it, it is totally the way to approach life!

Cherry Sue Doin' the Do!

Ali Ryan from had her own blog before setting up this site. It is growing from strength to strength. She spoke about the hard work that is required but if you love what you do, it's not like work. That's what blogging should be about - your passion.

Ali Ryan

Rachel Farrell at 16 was the youngest blogger on the panel. She was really nice and shared her blogging experience including the pros and cons of being a young blogger. 

The running themes of the day were to find your niche, get out of your comfort zone and keep at it!

Also it is not all free products, in fact that myth was blown. Nothing is really "free" and blogging isn't all about getting freebies, when you blog about something you are putting the word out about that product and that in turn may influence people to buy it. Another fact everyone was in unison about was to only blog in products you believe in which I think is really important.

Many, like myself, also have a "day job" so there was the question of how to find the time for your blog. It's really a case of making the time and putting the work in. 
and if you're passionate about it, it's worth it, the speakers on the day proved that.

Another great quote was "be your own biggest fan". Obvious you would think but sometimes we can be our own worst critics!! It is a good way to push yourself but I am definitely going to be a better fan of myself from now on!

There was a live blog post from a beauty and fashion perspective with Jenny and Leanne of the lovely make-up palette we received from Essence.

Live Blog Post!

It was great to see it from both angles. They also went through the best poses and lighting for photographs,this is something I can definitely improve on so I found it great. My hand was sore from taking notes!

Check out these other goodies from the day -fabulous cupcakes from Jens Couture Cakes and make-up from Catrice Cosmetics and Wet N were also there to give beauty tips.

There was a question about meet-ups for bloggers and the benefits of coming together and sharing experiences, tips and advice. I have seen first hand that this is very beneficial with the Into The West Blogger Network. There were a few of us there on the day and we all really enjoyed it! The lovely Wendy was also there from Inailz...they were a big hit!

ITWBN girls Saibh Egan and Sinead Carroll from Yummy Mummy and Wendy from Inailz in top photo and Jennifer Wrynne in bottom photo

This conference will be a good addition to a bloggers calendar as it is an opppotunity to meet fellow bloggers. I met the lovely Trish from Girl From The Hills on the day.

With Trish from "Girl from the Hills"

Another highlight for me on the day was meeting the lovely Triona McCarthy. She was so lovely. My sister and I love her!! She is due in 2 weeks and looked fabulous and didn't mind me asking for a photo. I was chuffed!

With the lovely Triona McCarthy

Not forgetting that the charity partner of this event was The Simon Community. They have an initiative for Christmas "Simons House of Cards" where you donate money to the charity rather then sending cards. It is open to companies and individuals - Check out :

I really did take some great things with me to help me on this Blogger learning curve and I look forward to attending the next Blogger conference. For now I will let the photo do the talking of what a De-Lightful day it was! #IBC



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