Blogger Connection #Snailmail!

This blog has come about due to Blogger Connection that I heard about through the lovely Ruth Kemple of The Beauty Kemple.

Its a way for fellow bloggers to connect, get familiar with each others Blogs, share what they like about other blogs and do Blogger things together such as reviews...with a twist,we send each other gifts to review!

See Ruths first collaboration with her #snailmail friend here and the the review Sammie Rosetti from Spagbowlspot did on Ruths blog here - it's a great read!

Ruth shared it on the ITWBN facebook group and everyone thought it was a great idea including myself and Siobhan from Dreaming in Sequins- sooo we decided we would do the colaboration together.

I was delighted as I love Siobhan and her Blog. Ruth said that the first thing you could do is to write 5 things you love about each others Blogs (you will have seen this in the links above). 

Well that was easy for me - as I said I love Siobhans Blog (but how will I narrow it to 5?!?)

Well here it goes:

1. Siobhan is very personable in her Blog. I have met Siobhan at the Into The West Blogger Network (ITWBN) so I know she is very bubbly and friendly but I think if I hadn't, this is very evident in her Blog.

2. I love the layout of her Blog - it's very professional and easy to follow and looks like what Dreaming in Sequins would be like! Everytime I read her Blog I'm looking at the layout of mine and looking for ways to improve it!

3. I love her photos, they are always very appealing with a nice background or pretty flowers

4. She does Style Profiles, Accessory Du Jour and Beauty to name but a few categories - it is very varied between Fashion , Beauty and Lifestyle

5. I love love love her bags, wallets, watches...especially her Kate Spade bags / watch and her Daniel Wellington watch (which I am hoping to purchase soon!)

I could write way more but this is just a little peek of Siobhan and her fabulous Blog - I hope you enjoyed and if you haven't already check out her Blog!

I look forward to more collaborations soon!!

Thanks to Ruth for sharing this and to ITWBN - which has linked me up with these great Bloggers - roll on the next meeting on the 8th!!

Bye for now xxx


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