Elizabeth Arden - Red Door Treatment

Did you see my blog post on the Irish Beauty Blog Awards that mentioned my trip to the Elizabeth Arden Stand? If not have a read here and if so why not have a re-cap;)

I went for my Elizabeth Arden “Red Door Treatment” at the end of June in Debenhams

Bernadette kindly gave me a compliemetnary session but you can avail of this treatment at most Elizabeth Arden Counters with the purchase of products or with a booking fee of €20 redeemable against products.

Catherine looked after me on the day and following a cleanse and tone of the skin we decided to do the skin test again. 

This looks at the pigmenation and moisturisation levels of the skin. It also tests the top layer of your skin. This renews itself at varying degrees depending on your age. This is where I fell down before due to lack of exfoliation. If dead skin cells sit on the surface of your skin, they block pores and leave your skin looking dull. These can be removed with a good exfoliator.

Catherine explained that a serum that feeds the top layer of skin (like current serums feed the deeper layer of skin-it's the science bit!)is also beneficial.

Elizabeth Arden has a serum to specifically maintain this layer of skin coming out this month so keep an eye out for it at your nearest stockist!

I use Elizabeth Arden products (one of my  can’t be without products is the coveted 8 hour cream!) The quality is good and they do what they say they’ll do so I have no doubt that this will be same. 

I then had the treatment which was an “Oxegen Blast Facial”. Don’t let the blast bit  but put you off – it feels really refreshing! It infuses 16 trace minerals , stabilised oxegen and hyaluronic acid into the skin with a cool refreshing mist  - I found that it really brightened and rejuvnated my skin and you could see and feel the difference straight away!!

Elizabeth Arden glow!

Catherine did the test again and all the results had improved apart from pigmenation which would not tend to change after just one treatment.

I will be checking out the serum when it hits the shops and I will go for one of these facials again and would recommend anyone looking for a boost to their skin to do so too!

Bye for now! xxx


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