Threading at The Body Shop!

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Hope you are all well. Sorry I had wanted to get this post up sooner...I have alot of content for blogs – I just need to sit and write!

Going to Blogger events (you will have seen that I was at one at the weekend on my social media pages) gives alot of food for thought about the direction / journey of your blog and about the time and effort and goals you set– I hope to do a blog post on that event in due course.

For now I want to share my recent experience of threading at The Body Shop.

I was lucky enough to get a voucher to try this out from the ITWBN event in October( read more about that event here).

I have tried threading once before but would mainly tweeze myself and get them waxed on occasion. I don’t like to get them waxed too much due to the pulling of the skin around the delicate eye area and tweezing yourself isn’t always as good as a proper brow shape.

I only realised recently that the Body Shop offered this service so I was happy I was getting a chance to try it out!

They have an area in the shop dedicated to the threading and they carry out tinting too. See the full price list below:

Price list - Body Shop

The chair is nice and relaxing as you receive your treatment which is a plus. Your treatment then starts and is not sore at all – I would say there is more of a sensation then any sort of pain and it is totally bearable. The thereapist does need some help to get at some angles of the brows so you need to hold the skin around the brows for some of it. It is pretty quick and painless and before you know it you have threaded brows!

Threading at The Body Shop #Magstyle

It is a good service and I think it is reasonably priced. I will definitely be going back again in time for Christmas brows...I may even try the tinting the next time!

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