Galway Autism Partnership (GAP)

Hi all,

This is a bit different to my usual posts but I have been meaning to write a piece on GAP (Galway Autism Partnership) for a while.

It's a charity that is close to my heart as I became involved as my nephew and Godson Daniel has Autism.

It was set up by parents as a support for parents and families of children who are on the Autism Spectrum. It is growing from strength to strength thanks to peoples generous support for various fundraising events set-up throughout the year. I have helped out in two events so far this year...Ras Chonamara and the Annual Coffee Morning in The Boat Inn.

My efforts last year were recognised where I worked and I was awarded a Community Platimum Award. GAP received a donation as a result, I was delighted!

Platinum Award donation

See some photos below of this years events so far:

Ras Chonamara

Coffee Morning (meant to get more photos this morning but I was a busy bee getting names for raffle tickets!)

Just some of the
Volunteers(including me!)...didn't capture them all though! Thank you to everyone involved!! (The last 2 photos are courtesy of Antoinette from last years coffee morning)

I should have had this ready much earlier in April (it has been a bit of a mad month) as April is Autism awareness month! 

There is an initiative this month to text 50300 to donate €4 with proceeds going to GAP - if you have a few spare minutes these last few hours of April and have a few euro on your bill and/ or credit left on your phone -please do text!

GAP is 100% funded by parents , fundraisers, donations and grants.

It allows families to attend days out together without having to worry -  for example a child with Autism finds it difficult to wait in line and people may not understand if they are not aware of this. Children can attend afterschool, Saturday and youth clubs which they would not be able to attend otherwise and it allows families some respite when they attend. They also provide Easter and Summer Camps for a week in these terms – this is good as children with Autism like routine. 

GAP puts the child first and gives support to parents with support meetings and courses monthly. My sister has attended these and they are very helpful.

They have only two full-time employees in admin and two club leaders. The rest is made up of volunteers (like myself!) who help out when needed. 

We will continue to be involved in fundraising for Daniel and for all that are being helped by GAP.

It is reassuring that GAP is here now, but without constant hard work it may not be here in the future and we cannot allow that to happen. There are too many children and families like my sisters depending on it – not just for now but for the future too.

To finish here is the man himself!


Thanks for reading and bye for now xxx


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