Review of Nía Cleansing Balm♡

Hi everyone!

So sorry I have been a bit slow on posts lately - It has been a really busy time for me but here is the first of many upcoming Blog posts!

I did a review a while back on the Nia Shower Mousse (read it here) which we received at the Into The West Blogger Network event last February (Read all about that here).

After using and loving the mousse I wanted to check out the skincare range and first up is the Calendula and Orange Blosson Cleansing balm.

Calendula and Orange Blossom Cleansing Balm

I was looking for a face wash for a while but my skin can be sensitive so I was picky as to the one I was going to choose.

After discovering Nia and their use of natural ingredients - this cleanser seemed like a no-brainer!

It is a two step process - you scoop out desired amount, lather over face and neck and then wipe off with the cleansing cloth provided ( you are supplied with 3 which is great!).

Scoop it out...

Lather and wipe off with the face cloth provided

This gives your skin a thorough clean and it is gentle enough for your eyes which I love. I find that that  my skin feels and looks clean and refreshed after using this product be it morning or night (after a day of wearing make-up).

My skin has taken well to it (it can sometimes take a while to get used to new products), however as all ingredients are natural that is probably why. It also smells lovely which makes it a pleasure to use!

I love the packaging too as when you open it there is a little message on the inside that reads "you are amazing" - for me it's the little things and that made me smile!

"You are amazing!"

So it's another thumbs up for Nia from me and I see they recently added a facial mist and serum that look amazing. Check out their website for more of their wonderful products.

Bye for now! xxx


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