Statement Chains:-)

For those of you who know me, you know I love my jewellery - some would say that I am a magpie for anything shiny and that if you lose me in a shop, you can find me in the accessory section!!! I saw a piece on the Penneys Facebook Page ( a while back about how many statement chains people had and it made me curious as to how many I actually do own. So as I finally unpacked from a weekend at home in lovely Galway (properly that jewellery was left in my travel pouch for over a week!) and I was supposed to be putting away my gems...I actually pulled out all my chains and this was the result  - (Some are more statement then others but put these with any outfit and they will instantly add a splash of glamour):

They are mainly Penney's, some lovely presents and a special one from from Irish Designer Mary Grant - it's the long one on the bottom left and although not a collar necklace it is statement!

My thoughts after this little exercise - I actually thought I had more - that means I will really have to buy more!
A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do and as I always say - you can never have too much jewellery!!

have seen a Facebook page "Ladies Statement Jewellery": - (This is an Irish owned online jewellery shop) which has a few beauts on it and they are reasonably priced too so I may invest come payday! I will share any purchases I make.

The next thing on my list is to sort through my wardrobe which looks full but I always have the age old problem of nothing to wear! Hopefuly I will find a few bits for the next Styleswap and make room for a few new bits!

That's me for now...glad tomorrow is hump day!xxx


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