Galaxystyle Event-Thursday 08/05/2014

I attended my first ever Style Swap Event last Thursday, 08/05/2014 in The Morgan Hotel thanks to the lovely Siopaella.
For those of you wondering what this entails - you bring what you don’t want from your wardrobe and swap them for something new! This is done by exchanging your items for tokens – 1 token = 1 item. These are for want of a better way to describe it “money”. You then use these to exchange for the new items on show that catch your eye.
It was hosted by GalaxyStyle with the girls from Daisy Green Magazine introducing the night’s proceedings.
There was not only fashion on show but chocolate too - I was literally like a kid in a candy / fashion shop… and there were bubbles too! - #heaven!!!

It was a beautiful setting in the Penthouse Suite of the Morgan Hotel and everyone was really nice and the atmosphere was lovely.

As I mentioned I was there thanks to Siopaella – ladies if you have not been to this shop put it on your list of things of must-do – as someone described it at the event it is a “Pandoras box of treasures’” – Chanel included – Swoon –and they are so lovely to boot – I had a great time chatting to them all!

The team from Edelman Ireland were also so lovely and welcoming and the Daisy Green Magazine girls – I could have listened to them all evening – lots of helpful tips and so lovely too! I met some great fellow bloggers also!!

I cannot speak highly enough of the event - for a novice blogger like myself it was just what I needed to get rid of the nerves and put myself out there!

I left with a smile on my face and some lovely items for my wardrobe – what’s not to love!!

Here are some photos of the night including my finds and I have also added photos of these styled up.

Bye for now! xxx

                      Photos from the night

My finds!

Scarf and ankle boots

Leopard Print Skirt

Thanks to Galaxy a notebook for blogging notes!:)

My Finds styled up!
Black blazer from Penney's is my staple piece and a simple black top - also Penney's.
The skirt is a dressy look with heels, clutch and statement necklace and and my scarf and boots form a more casual look with a Chanel and Dr. Denim  jeans:)


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