Treat yourself! :-)

Nails and hair - these are the two things I do religiously! I get my nails done every 2/3 weeks - I get Shellac or Gelish .

I get my hair cut and styled every 6 weeks. I will also treat myself to getting my make-up done on occasion...mainly for weddings but my sisters and I have been known to do it "just because"! It may seem like an indulgence but if you use that make-up, you are topping up on your products and treating's win-win! 

My go to place for my nails is Mudpie Beauty Boutique in Dundrum Shopping Centre - it is in the Pembroke District, it is lovely and cosy and always a treat. Ciara is excellent there and always helps when I am indecisive about a colour choice especially when it is for a special occasion. Here are the photos to prove how good she really is!: 

My go to place for hair has to be Yourell's in Galway, I have not changed since I moved to Dublin!
Gillian looks after me for cuts and for up-do's for weddings also. She gives great advice but also listens to any concerns and I always leave happy. You get a lovely head massage when you get your hair washed too! Here are examples of both styles:

The make-up in the second shot is by Dior in Brown Thomas, GalwayFiona and Emma are great there for make-up for any occasion - it's always a treat! They give great tips and keep you up to date on new products. I'm still raving about the "Backstage Eye Prime" and the "Dior Addict Fluid Stick" - I love them!

 Here's another make-up shot:

So treat yourself have to look after you!

Bye for now xxx


  1. I wish I could treat myself more my hair is an absolute state at the moment! Your nails are fab, she seems like a great nail artist!
    Hannah :) x

  2. Thanks Hannah!She is great alright and very patient when I'm indecisive!!I bet its not but why not treat yourself...sometimes we forget that a new hairdo is as important as a new outfit:-)Thanks for checking out the blog xxx


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